Utilising innovative mobile processing technology and partnering with small holder farmers to initiate a cassava revolution across Africa.

DADTCO Philafrica is a Pan-African manufacturer of cassava-based products. We serve to bridge the gap between small holder farmers and food companies throughout Africa. Our innovative mobile processing technology allows for same-day processing of a consistent top-quality starch with zero waste, making it possible to commercialise cassava in Africa.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a leader in cassava processing throughout Africa, working together with small holder farmers. It is our mission to initiate a cassava revolution across Africa, alleviating subsistence farmers from poverty and turning them into emerging commercial farmers.

Our Farming Partners

We consider farmers to be our most important partners as we depend on them for our root supply. We believe that agricultural development only takes place when farmers have access to guaranteed markets for their products, and a sustainable future for small holder farmers in turn guarantees a sustainable source of root supplies for us. Together with our partners we also make sure that sustainable farming practices such as Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) are applied.

Our Products

Ensuring consistent high-quality starch products, we process cassava into cassava starch paste, cassava starch flour, and natural cassava fibres.

Cassava Starch Flour (Tapioca Starch)

CSF is a white flour that is odourless and neutral in taste and has many different applications such as acting in composite flours for bread, biscuits, snacks and pasta; offering a better gluten free substitute for wheat flour compared to other gluten free flours, since its characteristics come closest to that of wheat flour; and also being used extensively in the food and beverage industry in the manufacture of culinary cubes, powdered drink products, snacks and soups, beer brewing and in the meat industry.

Cassava Starch Paste

CSP is a semi-wet cassava paste that contains a maximum of 50% water, 49% released starch “as is” and less than 1% fibres. Packed in 20 kg plastic bags, CSP has a shelf life of one year, allowing further processing into a variety of downstream related products such as cassava starch flour, native cassava starch, cassava-based syrups, modified starches (used in food preparation), sorbitol, bioethanol and beer. Impala beer, processed in Mozambique, has been made with 70% cassava starch paste since 2011.

Natural Cassava Fibres

Natural cassava fibres are made up of mostly cellulose and hemicellulose. The fibres retain 8 to 9 times their weight in water, which increases volume and helps address moisture migration issues. In addition, the fibres alter the structure of baked products, making them resistant to staling, tearing and penetration, and thus more pliable. There are many different applications for natural cassava fibres, including bakery products, meat, dairy, creamy formulations, beverages, ice cream, soup, baby-food, premixes and powdered drinks.

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